If you’ve noticed your rankings haven’t increased at all, or you’ve gotten zero positive results, you should consider reviewing your SEO strategy soon. You may be unknowingly self-sabotaging your strategy. Know what aspects may be negatively affecting your efforts: 

Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes

Mistake #1: Choosing BAD keywords

You need to understand your audience, determine what they look for in Google and then target those keywords. Otherwise, you’ll be directing the wrong audience to your website, or you won’t stand out among all the content out there. Remember that your SEO strategy will only be as good as the keywords you choose.

Mistake #2: Forgetting meta descriptions and title tags

Keywords won’t do all the work. You have to be creative and not forget about meta descriptions and title tags for your content, this way, it stands out and makes a compelling call to action in front of users searching for content. If you do it right, you’ll be reaching the right audience. 

Mistake #3: Non-relevant internal links

Internal link building can be a great way to increase your page rank and the overall authority of your website. Don’t try to fill your content with so many unnecessary or off-topic links. Include links that are simple and redirect to the correct pages. 

Mistake #4: Your website’s user experience is weak 

SEO is more than onsite tricks and targeted inbound links. To win Google’s attention, your customers or users need to spend time on your website. If your SEO is failing, check your site’s retention time. When a customer spends at least 10 minutes on your website, Google will rank you much higher than your competitors whose audience only stays 10 seconds.

Mistake #5: You don’t understand your target audience

Good SEO starts understanding who your target audience is and what they are looking for online. Knowing your ideal customers intimately and personally is the key to selecting the right keywords to target and the right SEO techniques to get the desired results.

There are many more possibilities within or outside of your control, as well as these errors. With this information, you will now be able to check what is going wrong with your website. 

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