Social Media Marketing

SMM or social media marketing refers to the use of social media and networks to market a business’ products or services. It provides companies with a way to engage with existing customers while reaching out to new ones, allowing them to improve their presence by promoting their desired mission in order to fulfill their marketing and branding goals.

With the vast number of people using social media marketing, it’s a must to take advantage of it. With a solid social media presence, you have an excellent opportunity to share your products and services with the world. Work with the most thrusted social media agency in Tampa, with Elite Systems Marketing your business will thrive for sure!

According to Facebook statistics from March 2020, an approximate of 1.73 billion are considered daily active users and year-over-year they get an average increase of 11 percent. This opens a door of millions of possibilities and a high potential to increase your market.

At Elite Systems Marketing in Tampa, FL, we love Facebook for how affordable it is and the fantastic results you can get. We have a team of specialists and creatives devoted to helping our customers brands and drive sales or leads through social media.

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Well, you already know what social media is, and most likely, you make use of at least one platform like Facebook. However, social media marketing is not only about having access to a profile and sharing content.

Social Media Marketing involves creating marketing strategies to generate intended content and Ads, to achieve set goals that can have to do with branding or getting leads and sales.

Unlike Google Ads, for example, people on Facebook aren’t actively searching for services or products; instead, they are scrolling through looking for something that gets their attention. Based on the information gathered from their interests, workplaces, and more, you get the opportunity to offer your services.

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How Can Elite Systems Marketing Help?

We help by creating tailored social media marketing strategies for your business. Our team in Tampa, FL, is creative and is always looking for new ways and ideas to improve and help you grow.

If you’re already doing other types of digital advertising, we will review the results, see what you’re missing, and show you how our social media marketing agency can complement your strategies to achieve your goals.

Some of the benefits you get from our social media marketing services are:

Increase and grow your brand

Social media is great for brand awareness; it’s easy, affordable, and allows you creative ways to show your brand.

Increases Your Traffic

The ads we create can help dramatically increase the traffic to your website.

Promote Your Services At A Low Cost

Even if you’re already doing pay-per-click, social media is much more affordable than Google. Depending on the stage and type of prospects you need, it can be a great way to get a high volume of leads.

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Don’t Miss Out & Start Advertising On Social Media

Don’t miss out on the chance to expose your business to millions of people that could become potential buyers or customers.

At Elite Systems Marketing in Tampa, FL, we’ll help you start strong and get immediate results.

Why Your Business Needs Facebook Ads

With the significant number of daily visitors and active users Facebook has, you can’t miss out on the chance to advertise your business to them. According to data from March 2020, 1.73 billion are considered daily active users on Facebook, and year-over-year, they get an average increase of 11 percent.
Facebook Ads 101: What Are Facebook Ads?
Facebook Ads are an effective and efficient way to advertise online; they allow you to place products or services offers, promotions, etc. on the news feed of specific people or audiences.

Nowadays, Facebook is considered a top advertising channel online, and each year the company invests money to improve the user experience for marketers and consumers.

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How Can Elite Systems Marketing Help Your Business?

According to a study from 2017, over 80 percent of people are influenced by Facebook and other social media platforms when making online purchases.

Our team of Facebook Ads experts in Tampa, FL, creates personalized and targeted campaigns. We can target people by their behaviors, demographics, interests, age ranges, connections, locations, language, and more on Facebook Ads.

The capabilities of Facebook targeting is impressive and expansive, but our team is continuously trained to stay up-to-date. With the experience they have gained from other customers, they can get great results in a short time and at a low cost.

Start Taking Advantage Of Facebook Ads

It’s time for your business to start taking advantage of Facebook Ads and influence people’s decision making towards your services or products.

Our team in Tampa, FL, will keep you updated and will help you reach your goals in no time. With a quick call, we can analyze where you’re standing and give you an idea, based on your industry, of the type of results Facebook Ads can provide for you.