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Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), has become one of the most popular and effective digital marketing strategies for thousands of business owners trying to succeed in the online world. Whether you’re trying to increase sales, generate leads, or have more traffic on your website, PPC is the solution to scale your business to the next level. 

With PPC, you only have to pay when users click on your ad. This allows you to know the exact return on your investment. The most popular types of PPC advertising are Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. If you’re new to the whole pay-per-click process, we’re about to tell you the exact steps to follow for a successful PPC campaign. 

1. Set Your Goals

Are you trying to generate leads, boost web traffic or increase sales? Make sure to set your goals before starting a campaign. If you’re not sure what your intention is, you’ll be wasting your money on a campaign that doesn’t have a clear path.

2. Determine Your Budget

Set the budget that works best for you. You don’t need to invest crazy amounts of money in order to have a successful campaign. Besides, you can even test the market with a small campaign and increase the amount as you see fit. 

3. Choose Your Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your campaign is imperative for its success. Take your time to research which are the keywords that your audience use the most and make a list. Don’t forget to include negative keywords as they’re very useful to prevent your ad from unwanted traffic. 

4. Bid on Keywords

Pay-per-click advertising uses an auction system in which you bid for the keywords you want to use. The keywords could be expensive depending on how much your competitors are paying for them. Keyword Planner is a tool that can give you insights into what competitors are paying. 

5. Include Your Keywords in Your Headlines

Your audience will most likely use keywords in their search for the products and services that you offer, so there’s no need to get too creative when writing headlines – use keywords instead.

6. Focus on Your Landing Pages

Don’t lead your potential customers to the homepage of your website. Instead, take your time to create unique landing pages that use the same keywords in your ads. 

Too Much Hassle? We’ve Got You Covered

Implementing a successful PPC campaign can be tricky when you’re new to digital marketing. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to execute an effective pay-per-click strategy in Tampa, FL. At Elite Systems Marketing, we’re a digital marketing company that strives to provide the highest quality pay-per-click strategies in Tampa, FL.