When you are looking to boost your business advertising on Facebook, the platform offers you different options. You can do it directly from the post on your Facebook page or invest a little more time building your ad with Facebook Ads Manager. Everything will depend on what you need at the moment for your business and even your budget to invest. 


To use either of the two options, you need to establish the objectives you are looking for, such as generating traffic, promoting a product, generating more interactions, or making your page known to more people. 

Facebook Ads Vs Boosted Posts

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads follow a somewhat more traditional form of advertising. Facebook ads are displayed on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger platforms in a variety of ways. The goal behind Facebook ads is similar to that of traditional advertising. 

It aims to generate awareness and uses algorithms to decipher which users are most likely to be interested in certain products. This could be through media or a link to a product or service.

Main Objectives of Facebook Ads:

  • Reach new customers.
  • Inform them about your product/service
  • Initiate the buying process

Boosted Posts

Boosted posts are ads created from your posts on your Facebook page. The idea behind a boosted post is to create more engagement with people who were already following the brand and those who weren’t previously. 

This can be in the form of comments, reactions, or even engagement with a link or media within the post itself. A boosted post is more inclined to be shared by a page’s existing followers, which helps new customers engage. Essentially, it works like virtual word of mouth and seems less artificial than traditional advertising.


 Main Objectives of Boosted Posts:

  • Drive engagement with existing customers.
  • Create a positive brand image

Effectiveness When it Comes To Getting Potential Leads

Facebook ads are important to advertising strategy because of the new leads they bring in. Facebook ads allow the business to create a call to action through forms, surveys, links to their website, and more. Because they can be presented in various ways, ads allow greater freedom to reach customers in innovative ways.


Grow Your Business With a Reliable Digital Marketing Strategies in Tampa


Use digital tools like Facebook to your advantage. Beyond choosing which type of strategy to choose, the important thing is to start with good objectives and use both options at the right time. Elite Systems Marketing is a Facebook advertising agency in Tampa, FL, specializing in Facebook ads in Tampa. 

We ensure your business will grow and receive more traffic in a short time, optimizing your time and budget, all by the hand of a friendly and experienced team.