Questions To Ask Before Hiring A PPC Agency

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Search engine marketing is one of the number one ways to drive prospective customers to your website. Pay-per-click (PPC) is a vital part of the modern digital strategy, but not every business has the resources, and expertise to take care of this in-house. 

Hiring a Tampa PPC agency can help you achieve your goals, but before you do so, there are a few questions you will want to keep in mind before you hire any Tampa PPC management.

Here is a list of five questions you should be asking. 

1. Can You Share Successful Case Studies?

Read a case study from a previous client to understand if your prospective PPC agency knows how to successfully drive real results. A lot of agencies may charge expensive fees to manage PPC, but don’t always deliver results. Be sure to ask what type of results you can expect for your company in specific. 

2. What Analytics and Metrics Do You Track? 

It’s important that both you and your prospective PPC agency are on the same page when it comes down to business goals and metrics. Get a clear understanding of what defines success and what results your business needs to achieve to be successful such as click-through rates, conversion rates, or customers. 

You will want to make sure you will be receiving a regular monthly analytics report and analysis from the agency. 

3. Who Will Own The PPC Campaigns? 

Some PPC agencies set campaigns up under their business account and if the relationship ends, your business’s campaigns will stay with the PPC agency and not your business. This is a sticky situation that you’ll want to avoid from the get-go. Ensure your campaigns are set up under your business account.

4. How Will My Budget Be Used?

Different from the fees you’ll be paying for the PPC services, your budget is how much money you’re actually allocating for the campaigns the PPC agency will be running. You’ll want to find out how much they plan to spend on each channel and campaign.

5. When Will I Start Seeing Results? 

Finally, it’s beneficial to ask when you can start seeing results. Of course, everything takes time, but it’s good to know what happens if things are not going the way you want. If the results you’re getting are not the ones expected, then you’re down the right path. Therefore, you must seek a professional PPC marketing company that can either accomplish the goals set in the plan, or if it doesn’t, readjust the strategy. 

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