PPC vs. SEO What’s the Difference and Which do You Need?

Once you’ve invested the time and money into building a brand and online presence for your business, you may be stuck on the decision of deciding to use PPC or SEO in order to attract the most traffic. Both PPC and SEO are powerful strategies for search engine marketing and come with their own unique advantages. Unsure of which ones for you? We’re breaking it down to explain the differences between the two. 


PPC, also known as Pay-Per-Click is a digital or online advertising model that allows advertisers to pay each time a person clicks on an Ad. PPC gives you the ability control the audience, test the market, and expand your business. It offers you the benefit of getting more information about the type of users needing your services, have more control over the money you’re investing, and measuring your ROI performance. PPC is considered to be one of the most effective tools in digital marketing given you are able to see results in a relatively short period of time.


SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is the work done to improve and increase the quantity of traffic your website will receive as well as the quality of that traffic. It helps you rank in organic search results. SEO services are budget-friendly and offer an impressive return on investment. It’s a relatively cost-effective method as it directly targets potential customers who are actively searching for your products or services, and since you’re already attracting individuals interested in your industry, they are more liekly to buy from you. 


If you’re deciding between Pay-Per-Click or Search Enging Optimization, it depends on your situation and what exactly you are looking for. For example, a local business that does not have much competition and would require just a few leads per week may benefit more from SEO in order to develop good visibility. PPC advertising is more about when and where you decide to place your sponsored ads. 

Choose the Best Agency 

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