While all algorithm updates across different platforms, it has remained relatively constant for inbound marketers to optimize their websites for search: keyword research. Now, more than ever, our economy is based on the Internet. Businesses that can’t be found online will not thrive, and keyword research provides the starting point for understanding your buyer’s journey.


What Is A Keyword Search?

Keyword research is the ongoing process of finding the phrases people use to search for information on a topic. This method is the best way to find new and relevant keywords to expand your organic and paid search marketing campaigns.


How to Choose the Right Keywords

One way search engines decide what to rank for is by tracking keywords that reveal the match between the user’s search query and the website’s content.


For a PPC campaign

All of your paid campaigns should also focus on keywords. Whether it’s paid search ads, display ads, remarketing, or social media campaigns, all of these strategies should focus on keywords. For PPC, it can be a bit more challenging as your budget is on the line. To spend it wisely, keep these tips in mind:

  • Conduct negative keyword research: conducting negative keyword research is just as important as regular keyword research when it comes to PPC. If you’re not excluding irrelevant words, you could be wasting money on irrelevant clicks.
  • Including keywords related to your product or service can be beneficial in attracting customers who are interested in what you sell.
  • Keep specificity in mind. Sometimes it can be beneficial to include “headline” terms in a campaign because they have a higher search volume.

For an SEO strategy


  • Think about the topics you want to stand for in terms of generic categories. You will come up with 5-10 topic categories you think are essential to your business. Use those categories to help create some specific keywords later in the process.
  • It’s easy to take keywords at face value. Unfortunately, keywords can have many different meanings under the surface. Since the intent behind a search is so vital to your ranking potential, you should be very careful about interpreting the keywords you target.
  • Review the related search terms that appear in Google. Once you type in your phrase and scroll to the bottom of the Google results, you will see some search suggestions related to your original entry. From there, you can be guided to look for ideas.
  • Keyword research and SEO tools can help you find more keyword ideas based on the ideas you’ve generated up to this point.

The Role negative Keywords Play in Your PPC Campaign

You want to avoid these in your ads to show up. They’re an essential element of any campaign (PPC or SEO) because they keep your ad targeting as relevant as possible. When you include negative keywords, you prevent your ads – and, by extension, your brand – from showing up alongside search queries that are irrelevant or offensive.

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