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Whenever you’re looking for professional search engine optimization services or an SEO service agency, you’ll come across this question: do I need local or national SEO? If you want to know, then you better keep reading. 

What is Local & National SEO?

Both SEO strategies aim for the same goal: placing your website on top of Google search engine results. It’s evident that the first positions in Google will have more clicks, which means more visitors, leading to more customer engagement. 

The main difference between local and national SEO is where visitors will come from. Just as the name suggests, local SEO focuses on your target market that lives near to your business. This is helpful if you only want to attract leads from that specific area. On the other hand, national SEO aims to attract as much traffic as possible from an entire country. 

Should Your Business Go Local or National?

Local SEO relies heavily on local consumption, making it ideal for small starting businesses or medium businesses. National SEO can work correctly for businesses like e-commerces or companies that can deliver their products or services across the nation. But this isn’t always the case. 

Local SEO

Companies that might seem ideal for local SEO are businesses like bars, spas, restaurants, car mechanics, pawnshops, etc. Still, some local companies might benefit from regional exposure as well. Local SEO is more comfortable to perform because there’s less online competition, and Google shows local companies to people near that specific area you’re located and targeting. But knowing the right time to start using national SEO can be crucial for your business’ growth and reputation. 

Choose Wisely

The whole idea of using both local and national could be beneficial but also hard to manage if you have a small business. Imagine going national but not keeping up with requests or online orders from your clients. Eventually, this is a recipe for disaster. 

Who To Choose?

An SEO service agency with experience in providing professional search engine optimization services can help you figure the right timing and service. Here at Elite System Marketing, we can help you achieve growth using a proper SEO strategy at the best timing. Our experience and expertise allow us to identify the correct approach and pace for our clients. Learn more now about our services.