Picture an advertising tool that allows you to reach your ideal clients based on their tastes, interests, and behaviors. A tool that will help you save time and money by optimizing the targeting of your ads to get your message to those who are most likely to convert.

That’s what you get with Facebook advertising, a platform used by many business owners and e-commerce marketers, especially those who are just starting and don’t have a lot of advertising experience or a large ad budget. Anyone can drive business growth with Facebook ads. With this quick guide, you will be able to create your first Facebook Ad

What a Facebook Ad Does?

With a Facebook Ad, you can reach various people based on demographic information such as age, gender, geographic location, and personal preferences. In short, Facebook ads are fast, inexpensive, and effective for businesses of all sizes. You will be able to:

  • Push traffic from an active and engaged user base.
  • Target clients based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors
  • Generate brand awareness


Choose one that fits your advertising objective. These are some of the basic Facebook ad formats:

  • Static Image: images of your product or brand, including text and links to your website or another platform. 
  • Video Ads:  It includes a video instead of an image, which you can create yourself. The key is also to have the right size for the format.
  • Collections: ads that feature multiple products and allow your customers to browse items from across your website. 
  • Boosted Post: This ad promotes a post that is already on your page to get more engagement with your current audience and reach new users who don’t already follow you. 

How To Start Your Campaign In A Nutshell

  • Setting up the Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook pixel installation
  • Creating audiences on Facebook
  • Creating a Facebook ad campaign
  • Setting up your first ad sets
  • Choosing your creative
  • Optimizing Facebook campaigns

Hire A Digital Agency in Tampa For Better Results

Starting to build a campaign takes time, resources, and the unknown of whether it will yield positive results. The best option is to leave it in the hands of experts who will make every dollar invested in your campaign worthwhile. If you are looking for a Facebook advertising agency in Tampa; at Elite Systems Marketing, our experts will follow every step necessary to make a Facebook campaign successful. 

We work efficiently to build the best Facebook ads in Tampa, FL. If you are interested in starting the journey, don’t hesitate to reach us.