Facebook is the ultimate leader in the social media advertising field. As a result, conducting successful Facebook Ads is critical to any business’s success. Facebook Ads campaigns are among the most cost-effective and easily trackable online advertising platforms available to marketers, not to mention that they are optimizable.

This provides you a lot of flexibility over your advertisements. Still, if you want your Facebook Ads to be successful, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve. Otherwise, you could be throwing away your cash. In fact, small businesses are increasing sales by employing Facebook pages and advertising.

Set Realistic Goals

Expanding your community, increasing engagement rate, and making more sales are a few examples of goals you may want to achieve. Fortunately, Facebook already provides you with marketing objectives you may have in mind. They are classified in awareness, consideration, and conversion.

The awareness option includes increasing awareness, while the consideration option is more towards augmenting your engagement and video views. The conversion option is most likely to help you with store visits and product sales.

Define Your Target Audience

There are three basic Facebook targeting options, including a colder audience being “Everyone on Facebook.” There are also two warmer options, including “People connected to your page” and “A custom audience.” These are exactly what their name is.

You can choose those who have already liked your page as an audience. This is a safe move considering that these people are already familiar with your company and are interested in what you’re selling. If you don’t have many followers yet, uploading your customer list will create a similar list of users, making up your custom list.

The “Everyone on Facebook” works if you can’t work with any of the two other options. You have to set parameters involving the location, age, and gender of those you want to target.

Your Audience Is Not Just Everyone

Make sure you find a niche audience. In other words, do not tackle every single type of profile; that is the total opposite to optimizing your audience. This will only lead to confusion, and you will never be able to start a real community.

Consequently, if your product can attract different types of people, be sure to create different Facebook Ad campaigns for every type of consumer. It is best to create different ad campaigns for every group.

Choose Appealing Visuals

A potential loyal customer will just scroll down past your ad if it doesn’t catch their attention at first glance. We don’t want that! Images must be high quality and clear. Don’t bore your viewer with ads full of text; they won’t read that. Just find the perfect match between your product’s qualities and your customers’ needs.

Having a puppy running around may catch the eye of many people, but it might not be a good fit for the inflatable pool you want to sell. Instead, have that puppy enjoy a pool day with its family during a hot afternoon.

Just don’t solely rely on sound or music. More than three-quarters of Facebook videos are played on mute.

Be Precise

After you have chosen an attractive visual, make sure to include a phrase that adds value along with a call to action. Don’t educate the viewer through an infographic. They will want to do that after you have already caught their eye. Instead, be precise! Make sure the text does not cover more than 20% of the image.

On a similar note, Facebook is likely to not allow ads that contain the word “You” in them, so try using “yourself,” “your,” or “you’re” instead.

Forget You’re Making an Ad

Yes, you’re selling something, but don’t make it obvious! We’re certain you don’t like the feeling that you’re being told to buy a product or purchase a service. Remember that your leads don’t either. Users hate to be advertised to, so don’t tell them what to do. Instead, let them know how your product will make their lives easier.

Educate your potential customers on how clicking on an ad will benefit them rather than telling them to do it.

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